Latest Abaya Designs with Adornments

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Changes are being seen as younger Muslim women move away from the traditional black voluminous, floor-length garment and toward wearing coat-like Latest Abaya Designs made in lighter colors and stretchable fabrics, according to the Apparel Search and Hilal Plaza websites. Newest Embroidery Abaya Models are Merging natural stone sequins, beads, work and crystals with straightforward… [Read More]

Beautiful Abaya Designs 2014 Ideas and Styles

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Muslim ladies who trained with the Islamic faith usually wear Beautiful Abaya Designs 2014, a robe-like outfit that is put on top of standard clothing. The style is made to conceal the wonder of a woman to all those guys who are not “legitimate” to her, these as her daddy, husband, sons or other folks… [Read More]

Abaya and Burqa Difference and Wearing Styles

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Abaya and the burqa is the covering up that many ladies in Islamic and European places use to keep on their own taken care of. Commonly, the complete body is protected except for a fine mesh grid over the eyes to give perspective though there are other variations in in which the face is apparent…. [Read More]

How to Find Styles of Hijab and Abaya 2014

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With the arrival of the net and shopping on the internet as effectively as firms that accommodate to the big Islamic diaspora, it is effortless for Muslim women dwelling around the entire world to buy Islamic garments that are right for their way of life and perception of style. Possibilities involve modern day small apparel,… [Read More]

Stylish Hijab Abaya Dress and Wearing Steps

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Hijab are intended to help the wearer maintain modesty, be discovered as a Muslim and be analyzed on merit instead than look. Islamic women in liberated places or countries often opt for to put on a hijab to prevent attention aimed exclusively at their looks. The hijab is designed to cover all of a lady’s… [Read More]

Arabic Abaya Designs Ideas with Matching Suggestions

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Arabic Abaya Designs can point to the exercise of moderate dress by Muslim women or even the clothing used to protect, throat and torso used by Muslim women. Change in accordance to customs, spiritual dedication and way of life. The Arabic-discussing community is cheaply and culturally different, and this is shown in its clothing. Put… [Read More]

Guide for latest Hijab Style for Summer

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Hijab is basically a religious obligation for Muslim women across the globe. This has been ordained from Allah to be dressed up modestly whether man or women. The Hijab include the head cover which is called scarf and a body cover which is called abaya. Most of the women is Islamic countries observe it to… [Read More]

Modern Hijab Tutorials: Style Has No Limit

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Hijab is considered to be the most important asset for woman in Islam. Islam does not impose on Muslim woman to wear hijab but instead it is a personal choice of every Muslim female. Hijab simply means covering yourself up before going in front of any non related adult male. Hijab can be in a… [Read More]