Hijab Fashion Style For 2013

The hijab is considered as an essential clothing article for Muslim women by their religion but now its fashion is increasing among all the parts of the world for every age group. With changing times and fashion industry, the hijab fashion style has undergone dramatic changes from color, style, fabric depending on personal choice and seasonal requirement. You can go for satin, silk, chiffon and cotton scarves depending on the affordability and liking. The under scarves are also designed by the designers to hold the silky and satin slippery scarves. Here are few trends which will be in fashion this year:


• Prints:
The fashion designers have launched beautiful feminine prints among hijab and scarves. While some brands are focusing on tie dye prints this year while others are emphasizing on small or large floral and houndstooth prints among shirt ang gowns for hijabees. Both these trends not only match with every outfit but also speak elegance and timeless appeal. The Aztec patterns, polka dots and animal prints will also remain trendy this year.

• Colors:
The most common colors for hijab are white, black, blue and red but in year 2013, the very beautiful and refreshing color Emerald green will be in fashion. This color suits every skin type and tone and can be matched with various palette colors. For going out on formal or informal event, you can introduce this color in every accessory as jewelry, bag, glasses and outfit to remain fashionable. The light or dark shades selection may depend on the season requirement.

• Fabric:
The perfect fabric for hijab is one which keeps you warm in winters and cool in summers. The silk, satin, cotton, chiffon, georgette and velvet fabrics are used by designers to make unique hijab styles. Fancy laces, knitted edges, embroidery and thread work is also being used this year to embellish your gown or scarf. The fabric should easily drape along the body to provide added beauty and elegance.

• Style:
This year 2013, hijab is all about fashion and style yet maintaining the dignity and coverage for Muslim girls. The bell bottom sleeves, double press shirts, caftans, plaazo, loose tops, maxis and scarves are in fashion for keeping you cool and fresh in summer. Cotton and knitted jackets can be worn in contrast to lose jump suits with stylish scarf styles to look more elegant.

• Accessories:
The summer season demands for an outfit as scarf and abaya which protect your skin, hairs and body from scorching heat and keeping you covered. You can accessorize your hijab look with leather bag, long necklaces, sun glasses, wrist watch, bracelets and a cute pair of shoes or flat sandals while going out.