Jilbab Terbaru: Long Abaya Style

Jilabab terabaru is a modern style of hijab which covers body from head to toe except the face and hands. It fulfills the requirement of Muslim women’s to be covered from head to toe. As in Islamic society women have to cover their head and body from others for the good of society and it avoids evil intentions and makes society pure and clean. Jilbab terbaru is a type of hijab which is long abaya style. It looks elegant and awesome as it is dress type hijab. It is available in different colors. It looks more graceful with laces and ribbons. Colorful motifs can be placed over such type of hijabs. Some people also use pears, stones and diamonds on it and they can wear it on any occasion easily. JIilbab terabaru is a modest type hijab which can be wearing anywhere by girls and working women. For covering head you can use a scarf or stole and roll it around the face. This will makes you look decent and gorgeous but it also covers you properly and fulfills your religion too. Some people cover their face by using veil over jilbab but look amazing too.

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