How to Tie A Hijab Scarf in Trendy Style

Hijab is used to wear by the Muslim women to look civilized and modest. With the change of time, the trend of wearing hijab scarf is also developed. There are various fashion boutique and brand, which not only provide hijab scarves but also tell you how to tie a hijab scarf. Start wearing the hijab scarf by placing the scarf on your head and cover your neck also. You may also choose the regular scarf to make the style of turtle neck. You can leave one end longer to bring the longer end under your chin and wrap this end and use pin to secure the position of scarf. If you have small scarf, then fold this scarf into 2 triangles and place on the head with one side longer than the other. This longer end of scarf will help to tie it under the chin with pins covering your head, ear and neck.

hijab scarf

In the process of how to tie hijab scarf, you can also take the hijab scarf and you can also add the turtle neck to cover your neck. You should start with tie the hijab scarf by making it into two equal size triangles and put them on the head. Then tie this hijab scarf behind the ears with long hijab scarf. This hijab scarf will cover your head and neck area as well as your hair and give attractive appearance.

In the session of how to tie a hijab scarf, another popular Amira hijab scarf is also available in trendy design and style. This hijab scarf can be used by making with 2 Amira hijab pieces. You can place the larger piece of hijab scarf on your head. This will give you attractive look as you can place the thin covering of the hijab scarf and tie this hijab scarf behind your neck and you do not need to use pins and very simple to do this hijab scarf.

If you use the square hijab scarf, then you should fold the scarf into 2 triangles and keep in mind to leave one end longer than the other. Place the scarf on your head and tie the longer end under the chin with the shorter end with pins. You can also use the longer scarf to cover the neck area and you can also use the brooch instead of pin to tie your hijab scarf. This hijab scarf will add attraction in your personality.