Hijab Tutorial

The hijab is the Arabic term for “cover. It also means “veil”. In some Arabic-speaking countries and Western countries, the word hijab primarily refers to women’s head and body covering, but in Islamic scholarship, hijab is given the wider meaning of modesty, privacy, and morality. Today we see that hijab has attained great importance e in our everyday life. From house wives to working women, hijab is being observed among many women. Many reasons could be result of this great change. Some can be as follow:

• Insecurity
• Modesty
• Comfort ability

Today many different fabrics and styles of hijab are introduced in market. Apart from this, we can see variety of colors in hijab. From plain black to pink fancy, every type is available in the market making it more useable. In all this personal preference plays a vital role as it usually decides color style and fabric of hijab that varies from every woman.

hijab tutorial

Apart from color fabric and style wearing of hijab also matters a lot .it also varies from woman to woman. Many new and elegant styles are introduced for wearing the hijaab giving an interesting look to overall personality. One can fully enjoy wedding or any function by dressing up in hijab in more beautiful way. It gives finished touch to one’s decency and modesty.

This article will guide you in hijab tutorial. It will guide you through very easy steps of how to wear hijab so that you can be more comfortable with modesty making its base. Below are five simple points that you can keep in mind while wearing hijab so that you can have perfect look with element of comfort ability in it.

1. Hijab made of jersey material should be used for non-formal activities. For formal gathering one can use hijab having belt or fancy lace on it giving it more elegant look.

2. If you are wearing hijab for first time then it is better to use “square scarf” with it as it is easy to carry. Once you are on the track then you can have as many different styles as u want in wearing scarf.

3. Use patterned scarf with plain hijab as it will keep balance. Otherwise one can also use motif on hijab to give more elegant look.

4. If you want to use brooch (additional) then make use that it matches with your hijab . Muted colors brooches are best option in this regard.

5. If your face is round then try to cover half of the forehead with ‘cap’ (that is worn inside the scarf) . This will help you from being noticeable. Good Luck!!!